Gardening 101

The residents have been busy gardening this spring, they have potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and squash that will be ready in the next few weeks. They are very excited to have fresh vegetables to eat!

More Baby Ducks!

The residents are excited to introduce our new baby ducks “Cecil and Lucy”. They can’t wait to see them swimming in our little pool!

Baby Chicks Have a New Home!

We are so excited to have a home for our Bantam chicks that have hatched.
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The residents will be able to watch them grow and help take care of them.

Gardening 101

The residents are enjoying watching the seeds turn to plants.
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Tony loved helping plant the squash plants and is excited about watching them grow.

Therapy Manager Retires

Samra Renfro, our Therapy Manager retired on April 2nd.

We are so happy for you to begin this new chapter in your life! We’ll definitely miss having her here!

April Fool’s Chick!

We’re pleased to introduce our newest baby chick! Born on April Fools Day, he was named Joker by one of our residents!

He is a Bantam chick and is the size of a peep!

Gardening Time

Residents are excited about the flower and vegetables that are beginning to grow!
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They will have sunflowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green beans and squash seeds to plant in their garden!

100th Birthday Celebration

Ms. Pearl had a great day celebrating her 100th birthday. Family and friends were able to celebrate with her while having a window visit!

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