Letter from the Thacker Family

Dear Diane,

On behalf of all my wonderful Thacker family, I would like to thank you and Mountain City Care Center for the beautiful flowers sent in honor of Dad Thacker. The arrangement was one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Kay, one of Joe’s sisters, took it home in hopes of enjoying it for several days. This past week has given all of us many moments to reflect back to dad Thacker’s life, his witness and legacy. Several of your staff were interested in his life experiences.

I’ve enclosed his obituary if anyone would like to read it. We will all miss him but rejoice that he has gone home and has been made whole by our heavenly father. We are so grateful to everyone there who so lovingly and professionally cared for him in our stead these past few months. When the need for skilled care arose, Joe and I knew that we wanted him in your facility and were so happy that the family agreed. We so enjoyed having him close by and looked forward to visiting him often.

But more importantly we were so thankful for the assurance Mountain City Care Center gave us that he was valued and accepted into their community. As his mind and body began to fail him, Dad Thacker faced some physical and medical obstacles that were challenging. Dr Whitlock, Daniel, the nurses and all staff of 300 hall did an outstanding job in meeting those challenges. We will be forever grateful. The family so appreciates Russell and Dan and all the Physical Therapy department for their interest in Dad Thacker. They worked diligently to help him regain or maintain his mental and physical strength.

Again we are so grateful. We were so touched by the show of concern and compassion extended to him, and to us, during his final hours. As we gathered to say good-bye to this dear sweet man, we looked around and saw loving faces with tear-filled eyes. When hungry, we were given platters of food and pitchers of drinks. We received warm hugs and heard kind words of support with offers of condolences and prayers. In the quiet, almost homelike setting, we held him and each other as he went home to Jesus and loved one waiting for him there.

We will be  forever grateful to everyone who so attentively cared for him and us on May 17-18, 2012 as we said our final farewell. The posting of your Mission Statement (Matthew 25) in the foyer and your dedication to fulfill this mission did not go unnoticed by the Joe Thacker Family. May God bless all of the employees of Mountain City Care Center and strengthen everyone as they continue to help others as they have helped us.

In his love

The Thacker Family