A Trip to Remember!

Juanita Potter and Myrtle Trivette left for Myrtle Beach, SC Sept. 24th and returned Sept 28th. A bus was charted for 2 residents from 22 Signature Health Care Facilites. Staff members worked hard to raise money for the trip as well as spending money for the residents. Myrtle says that “I had such a good time. I am so glad I got to go. I have never seen anything like that in my life. It’s something I will always remember.” Juanita and Myrtle had fun in the sun with staff members Chellie McCloud and Joanie McQueen that included beach and poo activities, dinner show at the Pirates Voyage and a river boat cruise. “It was a wonderful trip, I’ll never forget it, it was the best time of my life” says Juanita Potter. Mountain City Care & Rehab. proves once again that age doesn’t have anything to do with having fun.