How do I begin? I feel my life had almost ended and now has begun again here. I am so very grateful for the wonderful people in this facility who have so faithfully cared for me. From my sickest bed to helping me learn to walk agian, I feel like a miracle after 2 months. Their joyful enthusiam and movtiation has restored my physical and mental being.

To the entire staff, I will forever be blessed by having been here. Never did I think during my first month here that I could ever be able to leave, be myself again and be able to enjoy my life with my family. Iam so fortunate to be able to be released this Friday. The revitalizing spirit of all here at Mountain City Care and Rehab will be in my heart forever. And the inspirational words from Sam and Russell “No is no answer” will encounrage me wherever I am.

In the words of my daughter, “I’ve got my Momma back!” God bless all of you.

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